Why Eyitayo Jegede should be elected Governor of Ondo State on October 10.

Dr. Wumi Akintide – New York, USA

Corruption is damn too entrenched in Nigeria to ever allow any Senator or Governor or President to have a second term in Nigeria.

Rotimi Akeredolu who has stolen so much in his first term even though he knows he would still need the support of the same people to get a second term would feel completely free to empty the State Treasury in his second term, if we allow him.

He still has not come out to publicly deny the charges against him that all of the three major contractors of Ondo State are either his private companies or companies belonging to his In- laws and his family members and those of his First Lady. That to me is a serious charge that cannot be swept under the carpet.

I can give you the names of the 3 Companies and Checks and Bank statements of payments made to them from Ondo State Treasury.

Ondo State ought to give Eyitayo Jegede a chance to prove himself.

I am supporting him and people who think like me in Ondo State are supporting him with our heart and soul.

Only incorruptible Governors like Pa Adekunle Ajasin and Air Force Captain Ita David Ikpeme deserve a second term in my judgment. The two Governors and their First Ladies were incorruptible and selfless.

Rotimi Akeredolu who is the exact opposite of Pa Ajasin and the second civilian Governor to come from Owo since the creation of the State in 1976 must give other towns a chance.

I know Akeredolu and his supporters don’t want to hear what I am saying, but it is the truth that must be said loud and clear with no apologies.
Eyitayo Jegede deserves to be elected the next Governor of Ondo State.

Only a crazy Yoruba man would vote for APC with its leadership resolution and agenda to carve out Fulani Colonies in the southern half of Nigeria against our better judgment.

If Buhari wants cattle colonies for his fellow Fulanis in Nigeria, the massive North has more than enough land space to accommodate those Fulanis.

The Yorubas do not want the Fulanis in our own Oodua territory. Period.

I am supporting total Restructure or total autonomy for Oodua nation under the auspices of the Yoruba World Congress for precisely the same reason.

It is time for Akeredolu and the APC to go in Ondo State. I initially supported Buhari and the APC in 2015 but not anymore knowing what I know today. I was deceived and misled. I confess to that much to my own embarrassment.

Fool me once, shame unto you, fool me twice shame unto me.

APC and PDP are two sides of the same coin but one is arguably worse than the other. Since the choice has now come down to the two dominant parties in Nigeria, I believe that the PDP is marginally better than the APC if the truth be told and based on the reality on the ground.

I rest my case.

Dr. Wumi Akintide.