Clement Faboyede

Dear leaders of our party, I am compelled to write this rebuttal on the malicious allegations against my person to the effect that I, Clement Faboyede acting in my capacity as State Caretaker Chairman of our party, attempted to collude with one of the aspirants to alter the result of the just concluded ad hoc delegate congress.

I have in the last six years served this party as State Chairman with the singular mission of ensuring that we unite our flanks for the upcoming battle to win the governorship election. At no time have I ever been more insulted and vilified as this; not by our external opponents but by members of this party whom I have served meritoriously.

The most recent falsehood peddled against me and the ad hoc congress committee from Abuja alleging that monies were paid by one of our aspirants to doctor the list, is a wicked orchestration aimed at blackmailing my person. I have never in my capacity as state chairman, collected money from any aspirant to provide him with an unfair advantage in this contest. The outcome of the delegates congress, which has been confirmed to be faultless by the aspirants and in conformity with the generally agreed consensus arrangement, has vindicated me.

For the records, all the aspirants were pre informed to be physically present at the collation centre with one agent to monitor the results. I had also, informed all the aspirants that the entire list of all delegates will be made available to them at the same time. In addition, we had earlier mandated all ward chairmen to produce a calendar listing the names and designation of all delegates including their photographs for onward transfer to the national secretariat for the production of photo identity cards to be used at the primary. These measures were put in place to ensure free, fair, transparent primaries.

It is amazing to note, that the insults and allegations of wrongdoing against me was silenced when the result of the ad hoc delegate elections were verified by the aspirants and found faultless. These aspirants, some of whose supporters and aides have written countless lies against my person, should also be honorable to take responsibility for these very vicious actions they tacitly endorse with their silence. It is instructive that some have apologized to the Committee sent from Abuja for the false allegations leveled against them, when it became clear that no wrongdoing was intended.

For the avoidance of doubt, let me say that I would not for any reason subvert the process in favor of anyone. No amount of blackmail and insults from any quarter, would break my will to ensure a free, fair, transparent primary. While I am convinced that we parade an array of very highly qualified men seeking to become our next governor, I also do believe solemnly that they should also endeavor to show leadership capacity by putting their houses in order, rather than seeking to malign and insult my person.

Finally, let me reassure all aspirants of equal and fair treatment in this race.

Thank you and God bless Ondo state PDP

Engr. Clement Faboyede
Caretaker Chairman, PDP Ondo State.