That Ebenezer Alabi at a point in time was the Chairman of PDP in Ondo state is not news, what is befuddling is How did he fare as the chairman of the party, He was at the cusp of history considering latter and recent events with the recent decamping of the Deputy Governor Agboola Ajayi, whom he is currently working with, how come when a sitting Governor with all the paraphernalia of office, numerous aides, thousands of well wishers , who was a founding member of PDP, a Former SSG, Former Minister and a sitting Governor under a PDP party presidency decamped while he held sway and yet rather than embrace and leverage on that, he used his position as party chairman to destabilise the party, with journey men like Biyi Poroye Bill, They became an albatross on the party and were responsible for the latter turn of event that allowed The Modu-Sheriff an unknown in the party hold the party to a ransom that eventually led to the eventual loss at the Poll, under his watch, the party was fragmented to the point, some went as far as Ibadan to conduct a primary for the good people of Ondo state and intend to foister the results on the state, until three days to the 2016 elections before they were eventually put in their place after a long litigation exercise that cost PDP the ultimate price, of which one of the major Benefactor of that exercise is the current Deputy Governor Agboola Ajayi.

What we will not forget in a hurry is how he was blinded by the klieglights at the presidency meeting to mend and resolve the malaise within the PDP at the time, on collection of gratuitous funds, he softened up and sold the career and ambitions of many PDP members who have obtained forms he actually sold to them, there are Akure aspirants who did not recover from that sellout exercise, some never forgave Governor Mimiko for it, however they couldn’t fault him because he fielded his followers, while Ebenezer Alabi hung his own out to dry.
The part Ebenezer Alabi played in the 2016 elections in concert with Barrister Jimoh Ibrahim is downright treachery playing both sides, reducing the authentic PDP candidate properly voted for in Akure, Barrister Eyitayo Jegede SAN, having only two days to contest the elections which today by the admissions of Hon Ifedayo Abegunde claimed was rigged against the PDP candidate, it’s a usual cliche used by many party faithfuls, There is nothing to share in zero!! Ebenezer Alabi already cashed up, so as far as he was concerned, the party can share Zero, he already invested his funds in his Alagbaka House and his warehouse, He could not care less if others ambitions is down the drains.

We as a group have watched over time how he is always playing the spoiler against Akure interest, we are a loving people, accommodating, but there comes a time when we must jointly say, enough is enough, Treachery cannot be allowed to deprive Akure and Ondo state the needed development by a competent and capable Leader because someone just sell his conscience for a pot of porridge.

That Ebenezer Alabi has said it severally that Akure is not ripe for a Governor, it’s not Akure’s Turn is a grave unforgivable statement.

We will not be Accommodating To a person who has vowed to be unaccommodating to the town.


Akure Youth Vanguard.

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