The Akeredolu’s Cocktail For Ondo Electorate

The administration of Arakurin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu in Ondo State has often been described as a government for the family – father, mother and son – in the sense of being self-satisfying.

Information reaching us from Government House through sources who pleaded for anonymity confirmed that the First family of the state see the people of Ondo State as deserving no more than the gifts they have been handing out since they consider their tenure in the state is soon coming to an end.

Arabirin Betty Akeredolu, wife of the Ondo State Governor recently spoke at Igbe Community in Owo LGA where she told the people that they would not ‘use and dump’ the masses if given a second term, which is at variance with their real thoughts. She said the callous attitude of politicians who got second terms is past.

But many people are asking what could be more callous than a first term government who has provided untold hardship to the masses in less than 4 years. Even APC members in and out of corridors of power are asking what benefit they have enjoined by lending support to their party. Most of the commerce and business activities in the last near 4 years has been carried out of Ondo by contractors from Ibadan, Lagos & Imo state to the detriment of Ondo businesses, to mention a few destinations. Many have vowed that this trend cannot continue.

But sources confirmed it was actually Arabirin Akeredolu that suggested to her husband the combination of Ludo and slippers to be given out to the masses as campaign gifts.

Whilst accepting that the people are impoverished and depraved, the first family concluded that engaging the people during the run-in to the elections would be a useful tool of distraction whilst the APC continue to perfect their master plan of rigging the forthcoming governorship election.

It was further gathered that the APC are threatened by the soaring support for the PDP candidate, Eyitayo Jegede SAN in recent weeks and they are planning to recruit polling agents who will double finger print PDP balloted papers on Election day in order to void and invalidate the ballots and anticipated support for PDP. In order to perfect these plans, thuggery and violence are being harnessed before the elections to instil fear in the people in order to give them control of the polling units, when they will be free to carry out their evil plans.

It remains to be seen whether the Ondo electorate will be gullible and fall for the tricks of the Akeredolu & APC family by being “used and dumped” after giving them stipends on Election day for them to cook another pot of soup.

Seun Olufemi
September 23rd, 2020