Press Statement

Hon Bola Ogunmolu – Idanre

At last we thank God the storm is over. No more hurly-burly nor drum bit nor echo nor songs of war. The tranquil and serene environment is right here now codusive enough to effect action plans to destabilize the obstinate, adamant, incorrigibly stubborn and recalcitrant temporary tenant in Alagbaka today.

Thanks to HE Agboola Ajayi and all other contestants in the recently concluded primary election for their team spirit and specifically their spirits of sportsmanship.

We agree to disagree and of course we equally must disagree to agree without taking things too far. Agreement-disagreement-agreement are incontrovertible and indispensable ingredients and unavoidable spices applied by true democrats towards achieving a system that can stand the test of time.

Now that the hatchet is burried, swords are sheathed, meaning intraparty squabble is over but we realise that time is far spent. Now is 11th hour. Only 8active weeks!! lèft for us to conclude all plans and strategies to expunge the strange strangers (apc) from their secret places. The masses are becoming impatient. They are longing for freedom from socio-economic bondage freedom from jackboot of heartless task masters. They work torn and bent yet virtually live from hand to mouth. They cry daily unto the Heavens to send down another brother Brother Moses to lead them out of the prison of slave masters.

God has annointed PDP for the sacred assignment. The helpless and hapless victims are in the picture and so we cannot afford to disappoint.

Heavens have declared Alagbaka seat vacant and disencumbered for unfettered occupation of PDP come 10102020 and the electorates have echoed a loud AMEN.

Let’s gird our loins. It’s not a tea party.

Driving a drunkard out of Chinese restaurant require lots of collective group tacts, concerted efforts, unified force, sincere commitment, mutual trust and mutual respect among all stakeholders. These and many more ingredients including moral suasion are the required antidotes.

The electorates are eagerly and inexhaustively waiting for us to hold the bull by the horn, boldly take the driver’s seat on the expressway to Alagbaka straight. They are already impatient and so willing to freely surrender their mandate to PDP without much ado.

Let us at all levels without further procrastination swing into auction by engaging our abundant resources of 4Ms+2Ts effectively (Man, Money, Materials& Methodology+Time & Technology) towards the manifestation of God’s own project.


Hon Bola Ogunmolu