Funsho Onifade- Abuja

Dr. Eddy Olafeso, PhD. An aspirant in the forthcoming PDP governorship race in Ondo State has raised alarm to caution the National Chairman of PDP the consequences of electoral malpractices in volatile Ondo State.

In his letter dated July 10, 2020 titled AD-HOC COMMITTEE ELECTORAL SHAM IN ONDO STATE, Dr. Eddy Olafeso complaint how shoddy and brazen manner the Ondo State AD-HOC Delegates election was handled.

He accused HE Bello Mutawallen Maradaun of acting with unimaginable plot with clear intention to create crisis in the forthcoming Governorship Primary in Ondo State.

He outlined the unethical conducts of the Committee as follows:

A. The names of the 3 delegates that won in each ward of the 203 wards in Ondo State were not announced.

B. The original form in which the names of the AD-HOC Delegates are to be imputed was not shown to any of the aspirants save HE. Hon. Agboola Alfred Ajayi. 

C. The H E Bello M. Maradaun led committee was heavily induced to alter the lists as they emanated from the wards.

D. The Committee in company of HE. Hon. Agboola Alfred Ajayi surreptitiously escaped from Akure, the Ondo State capital on Friday 10/07/2020) even before the dawn of the day.

E. The H E. Bello M. Marafaun led Committee hid itself from the people and clandestinely, in company of HE. Hon Agboola Alfred Ajayi imputed fake results and escaped from Ondo State.

In his own word Mr. Eddy Olafeso, PhD said “I wish to place it on record that HE Hon. Agboola Alfred Ajayi, who is presently in Abuja (10/07/2020) is working in concert with the HE Bello M. Maradaun led committee to doctor and adulterate the list of the AD-HOC DELEGATES concluded in Ondo State”.

Dr. Olafeso reminded the PDP National Chairman that as the immediate past National Vice Chairman of the South West, it is incumbent on him to bring these facts to the notices of PDP National Secretariat for urgent remedy as soon as the Appeal Committee arrives Ondo State.

He finally reminded the PDP National Chairman  that Ondo State is a volatile State when it comes to electoral malpractices and that if justice, fair play, fairness are not done in a very timely manner, the crisis that will engulf Ondo State which may eventually consume PDP in Ondo State.