Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, our leaders, my colleagues and co aspirants in this race to birth a democratic, united, indivisible  PDP, I am elated to stand before you all as the new face of our collective agreement to be democrats. 

My election, which is borne out of the commitment of our members for a united PDP is dedicated to all citizens of this great state who keep hope alive that one day, our collective desire for good governance will be achieved through each and everyone of us doing the right thing at the right time with the right motive for the good of the least of all.

I must appreciate those men and women who stood by us in this long and tortuous journey towards birthing a new order of unity within our party. I must thank my leader and outgoing chairman, engr. clement faboyede, whose sacrifices and commitment to this party is without doubt. sir, you have always been a fair and liberal leader with a deep commitment to people and party and I thank you. may your great legacies outlast you. special mention must be made of the following great men; our gubernatorial candidate, Mr. eyitayo jegede san  for your constant role as a model in leadership, humility and commitment to good causes. to H.E Ambassador Omolade Oluwateru,  a member of the board of trustees of our party for his good leadership and firm support for our party. to the chairman of the elders council, Dr. Omotayo Dairo; whose counsel and advice towards always doing the right things remains invaluable. 

To my revered and highly brilliant leader and mentor, Chief Segun Adegoke sir, I can’t thank you enough. your astuteness in leadership remains forever envied. to a former chairman of this party, baba Dr. Anakinra, I say thank you

I also want to say without excuse that I as chairman of this great party, will continue in the great legacies of our founding fathers, whose efforts and sacrifices have birthed an indestructible political legacy that will transcend our generation. we are PDP members and one united family.

Let me also commend the effort of my fellow contestant in this race and say that I commend you, arole Dennis Along for your gallantry and candor in this race. you remain a brother and one whose legacies would be remembered for a long time.

My fellow compatriots, I salute your resolve in the face of intimidation, harassment and blackmail by the soon to be removed APC government, to ensure that our state is liberated from the unproductive maladministration called the APC and I assure you tonight of my firm resolve to do all I can as your chairman to ensure that our party, the PDP members wins the next election.

Tonight is not a time for long speeches. I thank you all for your votes and the confidence reposed in me through your mandate. May God help me as I will not let you down.

Thank you all.