Gloomy Election Day in Ondo State

Seun Olufemi – Akure

Local Government elections are ongoing today, Saturday 22nd August 2020, in Ondo State as if it is just a normal weekend of the year.

Okada riders & Taxi drivers, buses and street hawkers going about their usual business, though many stores and shops are either closed or restricted in outward display of their wares.

The PDP announced boycott of the elections due to their expressed lack of confidence in the Ondo State Independent Electoral Commission (ODIEC) to conduct free, fair and transparent elections. Some other parties may also have boycotted.

There are 3,009 polling units in the entire state and over 1.6 million registered voters. However, ODIEC perhaps in their wisdom have reportedly distributed a maximum of 100 ballot papers in each polling booth where they have bothered to turn-up so far. This may be in response to the boycott by the PDP and the dwindling popularity of the ruling APC of which ODIEC may have anticipated a poor turnout of voters who are clearly fed up with the APC tyrannical and intolerant administration.

To some this election is an exercise in futility, to others they see this as an undemocratic process because only one major party is involved and no choice is available to the voters.

You will also recall that APC were involved in violent clashes with SDP supporters in Idanre LGA which resulted in several deaths just a few days again. Similarly, APC supporters also clashed with ADC youths within the last 48 hours in Ondo West LGA which also resulted in several injuries and damage to property.

But probably the most disturbing development of all is the fact that Covid-19 Protocols are not being observed. Voters are not wearing face masks and social distancing does not exist.

More details to follow as the exercise continues.