Dr. Wumi Akintide – New York, USA.

Barring any electoral fraud which has become the hallmark of most elections in Nigeria except for the 1993 Nation-wide electoral victory of MKO Abiola, I can see Eyitayo Jegede emerging next Wednesday as the “victor ludorum” after all is said and done.

I appreciate the fact that Agboola Ajayi a Deputy Governor decampee from the APC who has shown interest in becoming the PDP nominee has been allowed to join in the rat race to find out for himself if his kind of politics is what he truly believes can edify a nation in distress like Nigeria.

He is being forced out of the APC for disloyalty and he immediately joins the PDP Primaries in the hope and belief that he can easily shove aside or throw under the bus those who have never lost faith in the Party and have remained the Rock of Gibraltar for the PDP in Ondo State.

If Agboola Ajayi with his track record emerges as the winner on Wednesday, that would tell me loud and clear that the PDP is not ready for prime time and would deserve to not return back to power in Ondo State.I am not a card-carrying member of any political party in Nigeria but I have a special stake as an independent-leaning citizen of Ondo State who wants the best for Ondo State and for the State Capital.

I am rooting for Eyitayo Jegede as an old teacher of Aquinas College, Akure, the alma mater of Eyitayo. I rise in support of Eyitayo Jegede because I know him well and I know Ondo State very well as the pioneer Director of the Federal Directorate of Foods, Roads and Rural Infrastructures (DIFFRI) under my friend the late Rear Admiral Okhai Mike Akhigbe who offered me the job on a platter of gold in 1986 following my voluntary retirement from the Federal Civil Service.

It is true that I am resident in the United States but I closely follow what is going on in Ondo State and I see Eyitayo Jegede who has served as as Attorney General and Chief Law Enforcement Officer for 8 glorious years under a performing Governor I am proud to call my friend regardless of what anybody could say about him. 

I am talking of Olusegun Mimiko who was not a Saint but had bent over backwards to lay a strong foundation for the State by following in the tradition of two of Ondo State best Governors in Air Force Captain Ita David Ikpeme and Pa Adekunle Ajasin of blessed memory Eyitayo Jegede, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria has all the qualities and the track record to turn Ondo State into an Eldorado and to do so without taking the State to the cleaners like his predecessor.

Wednesday July 22 is the date fixed for the PDP Primaries in Ondo State.

It is the date the flag bearer for the Party in the Gubernatorial Election coming up in October is going to emerge.

That candidate as far as I am concerned and left to me alone is Eyitayo Jegede. I encourage majority of the delegates to vote for him as the best candidate to bail out Ondo State and to make the best out of a bad situation.

I rest my case.

Dr. Wumi Akintide.