Sunday July 26, 2020 – New York, USA.

Corruption has been so entrenched in Nigeria by the APC Government of Ondo State in particular that some intruders from the APC were injected into the PDP as spoilers to create distrust between the winner and the runner-up Agboola Ajayi who got 657 votes. 

The fear of Akeredolu is that there is no way in the World he can win on October 10 because he is running against a uniter and not a divider in Eyitayo who would deflate his ego balloon in any debate 

It is going to be a battle of the Titans as 2 senior advocates of Nigeria face each other in a debate. If the election is free and fair in a transparent fashion the election is going to be a repeat performance of Ajasin versus Omoboriowo election on August 16, 1983.

The only difference is that Eyitayo is going to be Pa Adekunle Ajasin while Akeredolu is going to be Omoboriowo who  had tried everything to steal the election but was beaten hollow and he had to be driven away  in a Police vehicle from Akure to Lagos dressed in a woman’s dress to avoid being lynched by the people.

The election of Eyitayo is going to be a mass movement and a mass revolt against the powers that be in Ondo State and in Nigeria if they try to pull a fast one to stop or neutralize or truncate the mass movement.

Buhari who claims he is as clean as a whistle  and would not subscribe to rigging anywhere in Nigeria  would be watching from Abuja seeing Ondo State go up in flames if his Party attempts to rig the election for Akeredolu.

It is that simple. The handwriting on the wall is so clear.

I rest my case.

Dr. Wumi Akintide.