Zadok Akintoye – Akure

The PDP Gubernatorial Campaign kicks of today September 12, 2020 from 11am at the Democracy Park in Akure. It was scheduled to hold last Saturday but was shifted to avoid possible violent confrontation with the ruling APC government which also decided (against the interest of the peace and safety of our citizens) to hold its rally on the same day and at a venue not too far from our announced location.

At the moment, the outgoing APC government of Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu SAN has allegedly mobilized criminal elements under the supervision of a certain union leader to disrupt the PDP campaign holding today. My concern is that, while it would be expected that the chief security officer  of our state would understand the impact of a violent confrontation  between our supporters and their thugs, the blind ambition of the Governor and the low intellect of quite a few of those whom he has elevated into power, seems to be mitigating sense in the APC.

Possible outcomes of a violent confrontation with us today are these;

(1) Lives will be lost unnecessarily because we will not fold our arms and watch our people being victimized and harassed.

(2) Properties belonging to hard working citizens who have labored for years to succeed in this state may be destroyed as a result of the APC sponsored conflict.

When you consider the above two very likely outcomes, you’ll see that the Rotimi Akeredolu SAN/APC government has never truly meant well for our state and our people. Why instigate violence if you are sure you have the people behind you? The fat thug goading the governor on needs to also realize that there is karma and it may be at the door to recompense his past evils. If he is wise, he would distance himself and seek the mercy of GOD; peradventure, he may be saved.

Finally, let me counsel Arakunrin Akeredolu SAN, that it is in his best interest not to instigate a confrontation for the peace of all in Ondo State.