It is no longer news that the Deputy Governor of Ondo state, Mr. Agboola Ajayi is seeking the mandate of the PDP to be picked as its gubernatorial candidate in the next election holding in October.

As a loyal party man, I am however bothered about the disdain with which his ambition is being sought. For instance, how can a man who was instrumental to the defeat of our party in the last election and who within the period he was in APC (that is even if he has disconnected himself from it) worked tirelessly to weaken our party be asking us to field him as candidate? That is very disrespectful and shows the low level of respect he has for all our sacrifices. The same individual never joined the party until the last minute and has also refused to disconnect from the APC government he still works in.

It seems to me a very grave insult on the collective suffering of our party members within the last 4 years and a slap on our efforts to keep this party together while he was away in the APC government he still holds dearly. Agboola that I know very well has always been a national party politician. He was in PDP when PDP was in power at the presidency, he left to join forces with the APC when he saw that the PDP was going lose the elections and now, he holds firmly to the APC government in Abuja while seeking a temporary relief to clinch the ticket of the PDP. I can postulate that if he wins the ticket and becomes governor, Agbo will ensure that there are crisis in the party at the local level that would give him a reason to decamp back to the APC because, he has always aligned with any party at the national level, just like Olusola Oke.

I am flabbergasted that several selfish leaders of our party have suddenly aligned with him to do a very dishonorable job. If he had been taken care of by the governor, would Agboola have come back to the PDP? If we all had left the party, would he have found us as an available option for seeking his aspiration?

I am offended by the insulting manner in which his aspiration is being projected. Agboola should work towards the victory of the party I’d he means well for us rather than coming to create tension in his big to gain a dishonorable advantage.

I am watching very keenly the actions of the chairman who has not shown clear altruistic leadership or should I say, has not distanced himself well enough from matters capable of causing tension in the party. His insistence on not swearing in the new Caretaker Committee as announced by WADATA also calls for concern. Whose interest is he seeking to protect or stand against?

As leaders of this party, we must all do our best to be seen to be impartial referees in this contest for the sake of tomorrow. Our BOT members are also not showing proper leadership. They all seem mostly bias and pursuing their individual interests.

Let me however warn them all that as elders, we are on our last leg and if we give very bad leadership example now, we will end our days at the lowest political level of being leaders of a failed army.

Olorun a je ki won gbo. (May God give them an obedient ear)

Elder J. O Akinrinsoye

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